Sports Day – Monday 20th July 2015

Under very grey skies, yet again we managed to complete our sports day without the weather spoiling it. The children all took part in the Potted Sports Activities in their House Teams, which was won by Earth, followed by the relay races for Key Stage Two and running races for Key Stage One.

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Infant Activities Evening – Friday 17th July 2015

After a bit of rain during the day we were extremely lucky with the weather for the Infant Activities Evening. The children enjoyed hot dogs in the wonderful sunshine before watching Dangerous Derrick performing his circus skills and scaring Miss McLauglin and Connor with his fire juggling act. They then had a go themselves at the circus skills, as well as having their faces painted and playing kick rounder’s.

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Friends of the School Summer Fair

The Friends of the School Summer Fair was very well supported on Saturday 4th July and they made an incredible £2030. Thank you very much for your support and a huge thank you to all the members of the Friends for all their hard work.

Fair bandfair 1 fair fair2

Music Concert – 7th July 2015

Some of the children from Key Stage Two put on a wonderful musical evening for their family and friends. They entertained the audience with music performed by the recorder group, the band (including Miss Hussey with her flute), the choir and individual performances.

The whole concert was put together by Mrs Blackburn, our Music Teacher, to whom we owe a great deal of thanks.

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Sun Safe

Sun Safe We are pleased to announce that Cropwell Bishop Primary School is taking steps to implement a Sun Safe policy and teaching.

Click on the link to read the letter sent to parents – Sun Safe Letter

Class 5 receive a reply from the Brazilian president!

As part of their recent topic on Rivers and Rainforests Class 5 discussed the plight of the Brazilian rainforest and its endangered inhabitants.  Since they had been looking at the features of a persuasive text, they decided to use these skills to write to the President of Brazil to advise her of their concerns.

Dilma Rousseff, the President, very kindly took the time to read our letters. We were thrilled this week to actually receive a reply from her office thanking us for our interest.


Netball Match – 9th June 2015


The netball team have been practicing every Tuesday after school with Mrs Springthorpe and Mrs Simpson and last night they had their first match against Burton Joyce school. Our team played extremely well and they won 1 match out of the 3 matches played.

Well done everyone!!

Netball match report – Cropwell Bishop VS Burton Joyce

Game 1:

 The game started off with a good start for Cropwell, we were very nervous about playing against a group of tall tactical year six girls. The ball was in our possession and we had Erin and Jasmine racing down the court ready for the ball when the time came. Suddenly a great shot from Jasmine left the ball falling through the net and it was 1-0 to Cropwell!

We all jumped for joy there could be a chance!

A few passes later and we were on a roll Erin made a cracking shot 2-0 to us. Unfortunately, Burton Joyce scored but it was too late we were one point ahead as we successfully won the first game 2-1.

 Game 2

This Game got a whole lot more competitive as Cropwell had all to play for. After being surrounded by the other team Will managed to throw a good shot, but sadly the ball was caught by a girl from the other team who scored. It was now 1-0 to Burton Joyce…minutes later Burton Joyce scored another great shot. The score at the end of the game was 2-0 to Burton Joyce.

 Game 3

In our 3rd and final match it was neck and neck between the schools this was it, the final tie breaker. We were ready to go and so was Burton Joyce it was all to play for. The game started off very well, it was now or never. Burton Joyce played really well, they won that last game with an amazing 3-0.

Sun Safety Policy

sun As the summer is finally here and we are enjoying the warmer weather please take a few minutes to read our sun safety policy which is to protect children and staff from skin damage caused by the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Sun Safety Policy

Visitors from India – Thursday 4th June 2015

This morning our visitors from India gave a presentation to the school about dance from different regions of India and they also showed a video of the children from their school performing a dance. Also we found out about the different foods that they eat in India and the children had a chance to ask questions.

IMG_2992 IMG_2993