NSPCC Workout – 19th January 2015

This morning Connor Bartle led two sessions with Key Stage One and then Key Stage Two so that the whole school could take part in their Buddy’s Big Workout to raise money by sponsors for the NSPCC. Everyone put a real effort into their workout (including the teachers) and so hopefully we will raise quite a lot of money for the NSPCC. All sponsor money needs to be handed into school by Tuesday 27th January please.

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Cross Country Report – Wednesday 10th December 2014

Twelve athletes from Years 5 and 6 went to a Cross Country Event at Rushcliffe Country Park. The first race was all girls and the second race was all boys. The races were just under a mile and the first twelve athletes from each race get to represent the county in February. Our athletes performed really well with Ryan Banks and Henry Herries both coming in the top twelve and so will now represent the county.

Good Luck to you both in February.

Written by Lauren-Mae Evison

Music Concert – 4th December 2014

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Today we were treated to a music and singing performance hosted by Mrs Blackburn, our music teacher. There was a Christmas medley involving guitars, clarinets, flutes, cornets, recorders and drums. Class 5 and the recorder club then gave us a couple of super tunes.,This was then followed by all the children singing a wonderful rendition of ‘Tell me a story’ and ‘Have a lovely Christmas’. It was a wonderful production and Mr Palmer thanked Mrs Blackburn and the children for all their hard work.

Advent Fair – 2nd December 2014

This years Advent Fair was an amazing success raising £594 for the school. The children from Classes 5 and 6 ran craft stalls which were extremely popular to everyone, Santa managed to have a break from his very busy schedule to drop in for children to visit him. Mr Palmer and Miss Hussey kept everyone entertained with their wonderful Christmas Busking and there were lots of other stalls including the Chocolate and Bottle Tombola which sold out in next to no time. Many thanks to everyone who supported the fair and donated a bottle or chocolate it is very much appreciated.


Some fantastic news for the Village, Robin Skailes of Cropwell Bishop Creamery has advised us that there is now a defibrillator installed up at the diary which has been registered with the ambulance service.

It is available for our residents to use in case of an emergency by simply calling 999, the ambulance service will then give you the code to get into the defibrillator unit and take you from there.

The defibrillator is placed under the balcony on the outside wall of the dairy building so as you go up the drive it is just off to the right slightly facing you mounted on the outside wall.

The Parish Council would like to thank the creamery for this facility being open to all of our residents.

Creamery Creamery 1