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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Working at home grid - 25.3.20 to 3.4.20

Please click on the attached 'Working from home grid' to find the work set for you for Wednesday 25th March until Friday 3rd April 2020.

Have fun

Mrs Bradley and Mrs Carter.


Class 3 Purple Mash Blog

We thought it would be nice if we could share what we have been doing whilst we are away from school, so we have set up a ‘Class 3 2020’ Blog on Purple Mash. Click on the Class 3 Blog attachment for more information.


Dear Class 3 - Friday 3rd April 2020

Can you believe our first week of social distancing is over and we’ve entered our second week already? We hope you and your grown-ups are adjusting to our new way of life and are managing to enjoy some time together. We are missing being in school with you all. School seems very quiet and empty without you all, but these measures mean that we can stay safe and well.

What have you been up to this week at home? We’d love to hear from you on the PurpleMash blog (instructions can be found on our class page). Tell us about any activities you have enjoyed such as crafts you have done, your favourite book you have read or a film you have watched. It may inspire others!  If you have any questions regarding your work, you could ask them on the blog and we will try to answer them daily.

We have loved seeing your completed work on PurpleMash. Have a look for the comments we are leaving for you to read. Don’t forget to save any work you complete so we can see it and leave you a comment.

Remember to keep on practicing your times tables on TTR too. We can check to see how well you are doing and can see lots of you have been logging on. Well done! We’ve even been having a go ourselves.

You could use your ‘home learning’ book to keep a diary of what you have been doing whilst away from school. You could draw pictures or print photos of what you have been doing, as well as writing about it.  We look forward to being able to see all the fantastic work you have been completing when we get back to school.

Whilst we were at school looking after the keyworker’s children, we managed to have lots of fun playing games such as football and tennis, as well as crafting and watching films. We also spent some time focusing on their home learning packs. When we haven’t been in school, we have been preparing work for you to do at home and for when we are back in school.

Here is a little bit about what Mrs Bradley has been up to during Week 1….

I have been having fun with my 3 boys at home, although I have decided being at work is possibly easier than entertaining my children! We have been working together on the tasks set by their school, as well as playing outside in the sunshine. We have baked and eaten flapjacks; painted whilst listening to music; completed the daily Lego challenge and made boats to test floating and sinking. In the garden we have planted some sunflowers so we can watch how much they grow over the time we are off. I shall let you know how well they are growing through the blog.


Here is a little bit about what Mrs Carter has been up to during Week 1….

I was in school on Monday where it was nice to see a couple of you. I’ve also been at home with my children, making sure they have lots and lots of work to do to make sure they are nice and busy. We’ve been out into our garden while the weather has been nice to plant some strawberry’s and rhubarb. We even washed the car! They have also taken out our dog for some walks, with their dad, near home of course. Please keep adding to the blog as it’s great to hear how you are all getting on at home, we are all missing being in class 3 at school.

Here is a little bit about what Mrs Wood has been up to during Week 1….

Hi lovely class 3, hope you are having lots of fun with your family. I was quite busy last week. I went to work for two days, where we had lots of fun but also did some homework from your packs. I’m also shopping for my mum, dad, father-in-law and my neighbours, so they keep me busy. See you all soon. Xx

As this second week comes to an end, we will enter the Easter holidays. Please see this as a time for a bit of a break as you have all worked extremely hard this term. There are lots of Easter crafts and activities on websites such as Twinkl, if you fancy having a go. Also Cropwell Bishop's eggcellent, eggciting Easter reading race is up and running!  Challenge yourself to read 12 books during April. You will achieve bronze with 8 reads, silver with 10 and gold if you achieve 12. Try to read a wide variety of texts. Below are some sites which offer free access to wonderful reads Love to Read guides for Y3-6"

We are all missing you and look forward to seeing you all soon,


From your Year 3 teaching teams

Mrs Bradley, Mrs Carter & Mrs Wood


Year 3 – Friday 27th March 2020

Just a quick catch up after the first week. I hope you’re all well and adjusting to the situation and staying safe.

This week I have been in school for a couple of days with the keyworker’s children. We had a lovely time doing Easter crafts, watching movies, playing in the sunshine (we must enjoy it whilst it lasts!) and a little bit of time on their home learning. My 3 boys loved my working days as it meant they could play all day, as their daddy was working upstairs!

On the days I have been at home with my boys we have been doing some of their home learning packs in the morning and lots of playing and crafts in the afternoons. You could try these activities and tell us about them on the blog or share your ideas and may pinch a few to do with my boys!


Baking flapjacks      30 day Lego challenge      Dinosaur play       Making jelly                              

                            (can be found online)                                 (solids & liquids)


Making boats from food packaging                                        TV time                       PurpleMash

to test floating and sinking.



I just wanted to reassure you that if you find any of the work set challenging just ‘give it a go’ and make a note of anything you find really difficult in your home learning book. It’ll be our jobs as teachers to help you with these bits when we get back to school. Please do not panic!

I had a call whilst at work about being unsure how to access the PurpleMash blog so I thought I’d create a bit of a guide to help you which you can access by clicking on the attachment below.

Please stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you on the blog soon.

Mrs Bradley