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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Working at home grid - 20.4.20 to 24.4.20

Please click on the attached 'Working from home grid' to find the work set for you

for Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020.

There are also some extra activities to do with some very important dates this week:-

Tuesday 21st April – the Queen’s birthday

Thursday 23rd April – St. George’s Day

Have fun

Mrs Bradley and Mrs Carter.

Hello Class 3!

We hope you’ve had a lovely Easter break at home. We have been very lucky that the sun has been out most days. We have been missing seeing you all in class lots, but the year 3 team have been keeping themselves busy as always over the last couple of weeks.

An update from Mrs Carter

I have been spending my time still packing as we still haven’t been able to move house but the solicitor has said be ready to move as soon as the government stop the restrictions so at the moment everything is in a box. I have finally given in and let Mr Carter build a Lego model.  Not the Bugatti though, its some kind of Porsche.


I have managed to fill a skip full of old slides and picnic tables and the kids and I have done a fair bit of walking to get us out of the house and to walk off all the Easter eggs I have eaten. I took the dog a few times but he doesn’t understand the concept of social distancing and wants to say hello to everyone and at 6 stone, he’s pretty heavy and strong. He has to stay at home and go later with Mr Carter when there are less people about. Naughty dog!



Update from Mrs Bradley

I hope you have had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the sunshine and eating lots of chocolate. We have made the most of it and spent lots of our time in our garden. I have had my hands full trying to keep my boys entertained whilst Mr Bradley has been working upstairs in our spare room. I think being at school is actually easier!


My boys are enjoying their time off from school and nursery but are starting to need more entertainment as the novelty is wearing off. We created a tub with lots of ideas of activities to do and they pick one or two out a day.  So far we have made our own volcano science experiment, planted seeds, made dens and made airplanes to throw into targets. Also we have been on some bike rides to deliver food parcels to their grandparents who live a few villages away. Our dog Bosworth is enjoying having the boys at home as he is getting lots of kisses and cuddles, although our 4 cats are not as keen!  


I’m missing you all lots and I am loving seeing all your work on PurpleMash. Keep it up!







Update from Mrs Wood

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter, mine was very quiet apart from Facetiming my children a lot. My husband was at work so I did lots of housework and shopping for family and neighbours. I went to school for a couple of days and had a lovely time. The children made me some rainbows for my window which look great. I ended up with lots so my mum and dad put some in their windows too. See you soon, Mrs Wood.

We have uploaded the next learning grid to the website ready for the coming week. If you have any problems with any of the work, please email the office and they will send it on to us. Please keep adding to the blog and feel free to email us any photos of what you’ve been up to, I know Alfie has.

Finally, well done to Florence on achieving your gold reading certificate.

We miss you all and hope we can get back to school soon.

The Year 3 Team

Mrs Carter, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Wood