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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Rainbow Wall

Take a look at the lovely Rainbows our children created to display in their windows during lock down.

Their lovely pictures helped to brighten up peoples days and made everyone smile as well as spreading hope!

Francesca Griffin

Damien Hirst has created a new rainbow artwork to show support for the NHS in the current Coronavirus crisis. The work, titled Butterfly Rainbow, is made up of bands of coloured butterfly wings, one of the artist’s best‚Äźknown motifs. Kindly sent to us by Helen Jepson.

                 Orla Jordan                                                                            Bethan Jordan

     James Bunyan's Lego Rainbow


Esme Parry's Rainbow in the Operating Theatres        Willow has made a yummy Rainbow cake.         

at QMC. Her Mum says it brightens all our days!

Here’s my colleagues showing their appreciation!

                              Ashleigh Fenner

                    Alex Cooke                                                                 Josiah Mosley

                        Dylan Cross                                                                     Tegan Timmins

Seren Alldred-Pasque                                               Carys Alldred-Pasque

Sophia Jenner                                                                            Jack Norton

A fantastic Trainbow which originally               Alex Chadborn

started life as a rainbow!

As well as making a lovely rainbow for his neighbour       Darth Rainbow by Milo Rowe

who works for the NHS, Sam also cooked her Thai.

            Gracie Clifford - Jones                                              Harry Johnson

                   Beatrice Nelson                                                          Harry Johnson's Rainbow Path

                           The Gibson Family                                        Florence Reid     

                  Mary Timmins                                                             Dylan Varnam

                                                                  Carys and Seren Alldred-Pasque