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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

KS2 News 2021 - 2022

Class 4's Victorian Trip

Wednesday 9th March 2022

For our Victorian Day we travelled back in time to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire where we became servants for the Herrick family.

Our day started with our hands and fingers being inspected by our new teacher before being let into the classroom. We learnt how Victorian children should be seen and not heard and how we must always stand up when a grown up came into the room.





We learnt about the different forms of punishments like the cane, dunces hat, back straightener and finger holders to stop children fidgeting. 



During our lesson we did some Maths on a chalk board and copper plate writing using a quill and ink pot.

After our lesson we went on a photo trail around Beaumanor to identify different parts of the hall and to find out why they were incorporated in the building.


During Victorian times the gentlemen always escorted the ladies and held the doors open for them, to which the ladies curtsied as a “Thank You”.



At lunchtime, we were able to play with Victorian toys.




After lunch, we went into the cellars to learn how to become the Herrick's servants. We washed clothes using soap and water and a posser, before putting through the mangle and hanging up to dry. We used the flat irons to experience how hard it was to launder clothes and we also dressed manikins as the servants used to do for the family. After this we went on an inside tour of the hall before zooming back into the 21st century on our coach trip back to school.

Wildlife Garden

Last year, Class 4 looked at habitats and classifying a variety of living things in our local environment. Working in groups the children investigated what would be needed to attract bees, birds, insects or butterflies to our environment. The class made a wish list and a former volunteer from the Wildlife Trust came in to give advise to the children. The school have now put together a working group comprising of staff, pupils, Friends of School and the CEO of the trust to bring the childrens ideas to life.

The group contacted Bloor Homes, the builders next to our school field, to see if they could help and Carolyne Watkinson, Sales Director with Bloor Homes came into school and presented the group with £500 to help with the project.

The school wish to say a big thank you to Bloor Homes for their help.

Class 4's World War Two Trip

Wednesday 10th November 2021

Today, Class 4 were transported back to 1939 and were evacuated to Perlethorpe to be placed with families to keep them safe during World War Two.




 After the children had been billeted with their families they had the chance to look at artefacts in the suitcase game and try and guess who the suitcase belonged too.



After lunch the children went out into the grounds and sheltered in the Anderson Shelter during an air raid and took part in a plane spotting orienteering challenge.