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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

KS2 News 2019 - 2020

Year 5 - Sushi Making

Wednesday 11th December 2019


As part of the Year 5 topic on Japan the children designed and made their own Sushi. Once made they were able to eat it, the children were surprised as to how much they enjoyed it! 

Year 3 - Cresswell Crags

Thursday 19th September 2019

We visited Creswell Crags, which is one of Britain’s most important Ice Age archaeological and geological sites. We learned about why people from this period resided in caves, how they choose which caves to live in and how they attempted to keep them safe from predators.  

Our guide Oj taught us how people in the Stone Age would have looked for clues, such as prints on the ground, feathers and poo, to avoid dangerous predators and to hunt.

As we approached the cave (Mother Grundy’s parlour) we discussed that this cave being on the sunny side of the gorge would have encouraged Stone Age people to live here, as it would have kept them warmer. Also, we learned that they lit the fire outside their cave to warn off predators as well as to keep warm.  

 We got to handle tools that people in the Stone Age would have used, such as flint, antler and bone. Also, we learned about what they would have worn.  

We learned that Stone Age people enjoyed creating music using simple instruments and their bodies. We created a piece of music to represent a thunderstorm. We played loudly, quietly, quickly and slowly and it sounded like a thunderstorm! Oj demonstrated how sounds would echo in in the gorge by tapping claves together. We really could hear the echo!  


We looked around the museum and discussed how the artefacts on show had been discovered by archaeologists. There were lots of different artefacts on show from weapons, animal bones and even poo! 

Next, we build shelters using materials that people from this period would have had available to them, including wood, leather, animal fur and animal intestines (to tie the wood together). They would have used these shelters to keep warm and to protect themselves.