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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

KS2 News 2017 - 2018

Class 4 - Sports Festival

Friday 6th July 2018

Class 4 attended the First Grade Sports Festival at Harvey Hadden Stadium on Friday, where they took part in football, dodgeball and basketball games. The children were split into three teams and played four games against other schools in the varies sports. They then took part in relay events in the afternoon and were given scores for each event. Class 4 did really well and came 5th overall out of fourteen schools.

Well done Class 4!




Class 4 - Village Treasure Hunt

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Class 4 had a wonderful day exploring and finding out more about our village, both past and present. In the morning we split into groups of 5 and completed a Treasure Hunt around the village, followed by lunch on the park and of course a play on the park!

In the afternoon we went for a walk along the canal and back over the fields, finding out how the canal used to be used to transport cargo from Nottingham to the villages along the way.



Class 3 - Our Viking Day with 'Hands on History'

Monday 4th June 2018

We had a fantastic day led by Mr Hammond, a local historian and archaeologist. We learned lots about how the Vikings lived and how archaeologists learn about the past. 

We had the opportunity to handle and study real and replica artefacts from the Viking period. Some of the pottery was over 1,000 years old!

Here are some of the pieces that we handled and drew.

Mr Hammond talked us through the variety of artefacts and told us what they were used for and where they had been discovered. 

We had the opportunity to try on a Viking helmet and we were all given Viking names.


In the afternoon, Mr Hammond taught us that the Vikings had settled locally and we could identify where by looking at the place names. 

We studied a map of the local area and found Viking and Anglo-Saxon locations.

Anglo-Saxon settlements ended in -ton         (village/hamlet), -ham (farm), -ford (river crossing)

Any place name ending in –by (village), -thorpe (farm) or kirk (church) were Viking settlements.

We held a Viking funeral and discussed the types of items buried with the brave warriors. Can you remember any of the items that they may have chosen to bury the brave Viking soldier with?

Finally, we got to ‘hot-seat’ a real Viking. We came up with questions to ask him and enjoyed listening to his answers.


Class 6 - Skegness Residential

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd May 2018









Class 4 - Castleton Residential

Wednesday 2nd - Thursday 3rd May 2018

Class 4 had a wonderful time at Castleton taking part in lots of different activities like a 5 mile walk looking at the local area and finding out about the history. They also loved candle making as well as gem panning and finding their own treasure! 








Ancient Greece Day - Class 5

Wednesday 18th April 2018






Today Class 5 were transported back to Ancient Greece, all the children and staff came to school dressed up for the day and took part in various Greek activities. The children made Laurel wreath crowns to wear and made Greek vases that told stories from their lives. They also researched about the Ancient Greek's and showed their findings in pictures.

Class 5 - Ravenstor Residential Trip

Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd March 2018

Class 5 have just come back from their Residential Trip to Ravenstor in Derbyshire, where they stayed in the Youth Hostel. During their visit they took part in some geography studies where they investigated a river and looked at rocks and soils. In the evening they enjoyed a camp fire, singing songs with Mr Coley and Mrs Harries.






Class 4 - Wild West Day

Friday 16th March 2018

Class 4 were visited by Cowboy Mike today who told us stories all about the Wild West. He took us right back to life as a cowboy sitting around the camp fire and we heard stories about Calamity Jane, the history of the Wild West and the culture the Native American people.




We then made traditional yarn dollies and sheriff badges before other Wild West related activities.




Class 5 - Rivers and Rainforests Topic

As part of our Rivers and Rainforests topic we have been finding out about the different layers of the Rainforest. In groups, we have made a model of the rainforest with each box being one of the four layers. The top layer is the emergent layer where the trees grow up to 60 metres tall. The next layer down is the canopy and the trees in this layer form a roof over the lower layers and the third layer down is the understorey. This layer is dark, hot and humid. The bottom layer is the forest floor and it gets almost no sunlight.

Our Wow Day! A Journey Through Europe

Class 3 - Wednesday 10th January 2018

We have enjoyed a trip of a lifetime around Europe today. Once we’d checked in with our boarding pass and had our passports checked, we boarded the plane for take-off.  We visited Germany, France, Italy and Spain. When we arrived we learned about the culture, language, food and landmarks.



When we landed in Germany, we studied the European map so we could find it and talked about their culture. Then we sampled some of their foods, such as bratwurst and rye bread. We liked some but not all! We also learned to count from 1-10 in German. 




Whilst in France we learned about the Eiffel Tower and how it was built. We found out that the French weren’t very keen on it when it was first built and it was only meant to be there for 20 years!

We created our own pictures of the Eiffel Tower using straws. They looked very effective. 


After locating Italy on the map and talking about the culture, food and school, we learned about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. We watched an interesting video on how the eruption happened, what happened to Pompeii and also who lives near the Pompeii site now.

We created our own volcanoes using baking powder, food colouring, vinegar, washing up liquid and a plastic bottle. We talked about the chemical reaction. 


When arriving in Spain, we learnt some Spanish language for colours and did some Flamenco dancing!

Class 4 - Egyptian Trip

Thursday 9th November 2017

Today the children of Class 4 were sent back 5,000 years to experience what it was like to live in ancient Egypt. The children met the mummies of Egypt and were able to handle artefacts and dress up like an Egyptian.

They also found out about mummification.



Class 4 - Egyptian Cookery

Thursday 2nd November 2017

We had a wonderful afternoon making Egyptian food. First we made Ghorayebah, which is an Egyptian cookie.


Then we made Salatit Zabadi, which is an Egyptian dip that we tried with pitta breads.




As you can see, the food was enjoyed by everyone!


Class 3 - Our Stone Age WOW Day!

Monday 11th September 2017

We had a fantastic Stone Age WOW Day filled with exciting activities to help us learn about our topic. Our Stone Age costumes were amazing!

First we had a fantastic Stone Stories lady in to help us create our own ‘story stones’ to retell the ‘Egg Hunt’ story, which is about a funny caveman.  



During the afternoon, we created our own bone and tooth necklaces, created weapons, and some of us explored the forest area like hunter gatherers looking for food, shelter and materials. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to learn more about the Stone Age!