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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

KS1 News 2017 - 2018

Pirate Day - Class R

Friday 15th June 2018





Ferry Farm

Class R - 1st May 2018

As part of the Reception class topic work they visited Ferry Farm to experience the different farm animals and learn about what they need to live.









Peter and the Wolf Concert

Class 1 - 13th February 2018

This term Class 1 are studying Peter and the Wolf and this afternoon they and Class 6 were treated to a fantastic concert put on by four of their parents. Mrs Oldfield playing the piano and flute, Mrs Radburn playing the clarinet, oboe and bassoon, Mrs Trevers playing the violin and Miss Hemmett playing the French horn first explained to the children about their instruments and played a short solo. They then played a shortened version of Peter and the Wolf which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. 




Pancake Day

Class 1 - 13th February 2018


Class 1 celebrated Pancake Day by all having a go at making pancakes. They weighed out the ingrediants and mixed the batter and then enjoying eating them afterwards. 

Dragon Attack - Class 2 January 2018




On Monday night, at midnight, an exciting but shocking thing happened in Cropwell Bishop School, in Class 2. Because their classroom was so messy Class 2 had to do their work in the hall, well only for the morning. The chairs were everywhere, the tables upside down and the classroom equipment was scattered. That was the highlighters.

We think a dragon came in because of the evidence. We will keep you updated on the progress of the egg left by the dragon. It is gold and green.

Report by Class 2

Hands on our History

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Mr Hammond came to school to talk to us and show us artefacts from the time of ‘The Great Fire of London’ in 1666. We asked lots of questions and found out how ordinary people would have lived 300 years ago and looked at some of the objects they would have used. Then we travelled back in time and met Mr Samuel Pepys who told us about his life and his experiences of ‘The Great Fire of London’ which he wrote down in his diary.